Two days of NOFX final tour this weekend. Sunday was superior if just for fewer people and shorter beer lines. Imho the Flatliners were the best undercard of the weekend followed closely by Suicide Machines and Circle Jerks. NOFX was much better Sunday as well. Very fun send off! Now I sleep!! 😅

Pliny the Elder (Russian River) on tap at Peaks and Pints. 🤤 Luck is on our side today!!

I recently got my first pair of progressive glasses and today I increased the default text size on iOS one click larger than default. Age is something that happens apparently. 🤓😬

🫒 just chillin!

Olive Chill

Flashback… Nephew field trip!

Flashback… Redwoods are big!


Dickman Mill Park on the dog walk today…

I was not prepared for the level of cute that would be at the barber shop today!

Flashback… Keyport 3rd of July

Keyport Third

Flashback… Pelican Bar Jamaica

Pelican Bar

Nice walk through Wright Park between rain showers

Floating down the river with 🫒 and friends.

Bald Eagle coming in to eat 🫒 😬😅

Wings vs Kraken

Another blast from the past… Halloween Olive!

Halloween Olive

Goofy profile pic…

Lake Tahoe last summer


Pam and Olive taking in the sunset


Memories of Jamaica.


The pack!

THe Pack